Is Your Favorite Band A Great Live Band?

What do you think makes a band a great live band?

Is it how well they play live?

Is it how well they interact with the fans during the show?

Is it how well they meet your expectations after the show?

Well, after reviewing Wilco’s live show for Ink19 a few weeks back I wrote how they are one of the best live bands touring today and possibly one of the best live bands ever.

I also wondered if they would ever put on a bad show.

I don’t think they will.

But you welcome to disagree with me.

But before you do.

Just take a look at these highlights from the show then argue with me in the comments.

These moments show how Wilco is a master of the live performance, knows how to interact with their fans, and meets (and exceeds) our expectations during a concert.

Tweedy humour

This show didn’t sell out like Sunday’s did which gave Tweedy a humorous angle to connect with fans telling them, “This is the first time ever we’ve invited anybody who wanted to come see us play…there’s plenty of seats available…”

Fans tweet emotions, grab the mic and then nail the chorus

As I followed the flood of Wilco fan tweets on the way to the concert, I had the pleasure of reading one fan expresss his excitment about seeing Wilco with his brother.

Then at the concert, a gorgeous moment blossomed during “Jesus, Etc.” when Tweedy let fans handle most of the vocals and they filled the Pavilion like they had been with Wilco for the whole tour as a traveling choir.

Tweedy turns Wilco fans against each other

Tweedy loved the fan’s performance during “Jesus, Etc.”and created a bit of good-humored animosity saying, “This night’s crowd is far superior, as if last night’s crowd didn’t even know the words.”

Vinyl is still alive

Later on Tweedy tossed a Wilco (the Album) LP in to the crowd that was instantly snatched up.  (If you were the fan that grabbed the album please say so. I’dlove to get your perspective too.)

So I ask you again, what do you think makes a band a great live band?

Does your favorite band meet your live concert expectations?

Photo credit Colleen Catania

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