Live Preview: Saul Williams at Double Door

The Afro-Punk tour has arrived in Chicago.

And poet/actor/emcee Saul Williams is leading the funky freak charge to the Double Door tonight.

If all things go as planned, I should have a special treat for you once the show is over.

But you’ll have to be patient to see what that treat is.

The concert of memory inside my head

Since our minds store everything we experience in one way or another, I’ll be thinking about the last time I saw Williams in an intimate club like the Double Door.  I deemed it a  BAAD show.  Because my pre-show interview with Williams changed the concert experience for me.

But I don’t think this one will be because I won’t  be interviewing  him beforehand.

This time around I’m expecting Williams to create some new concert memories and bust out some new songs from his “album in the works.”

And I’m sure in one way or another he’ll show off his multi-colored sonic arsenal of funk, punk and hip hop; and leave us grasping  and gasping for more.

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