Is Glastonbury 2010 Sell Out Good For Fans?

GlastonburyI was amazed when I read these stories about Glastonbury festival 2010 selling out even before they announced who’s playing. 

Was it a promoter ploy?

Or a genuine case of fan diehard commitment?

Then I read these Billboard  and Gaurdian reports and remembered that last year’s Glastonbury festival did the same thing by selling out five months prior without many of the headliners confirmed. 

So I thought about how this would impact the and put us one step close to creating the FANS live concert model I wrote about recently. 

Putting all these stories and thoughts together, I looked at the Glastonbury 2010 early ticket sell out from a different perspective.

I looked at it as an investment by fans that could be seen as a move by fans that puts more pressure on the promoters to put on the best show possible.

Because if you think about it, by the fans putting down an early investment in the shows it forces the promoters to fill the stage with top acts.

And it just might be a step in the right direction of creating a fan-based ticket structure that puts more power in the hands and wallets of the fans.

What do you think?

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