Live Preview: Miike Snow, Bell X1 in Chicago

It’s Friday! And that means it’s time for live music!

Well, tonight will be quite the night (should everything go as planned) because we’ll be heading to review both Bell X1 and Miike Snow  in the same night. How exactly are we going to accomplish this?  That’s a good question. I’m not quite sure but I know that we’ll figure it out and enjoy ourselves in the process and, hopefully,  avoid any physiological  burnout.

Bell X1

Earlier I shared with you how the lyrics to Bell X1’s “How Your Heart Is Wired” does a beautiful job of illustrating lyrically how our minds and hearts work together to impact our emotions.  I’ve loved Bell x1’s latest album Blue Lights on the Runway and I’m hoping that tonight will add even more emotional depth and meaning to the songs as I soak up the songs in a live setting. 

Miike Snow

Animal.  Dancing. My wife. Colleen has been playing Miike Snow’s  “Animal” nonstop for weeks and I know she’s looking forward to photographing Miike Snow’s live show tonight. 

I’m pumped too because I know the urge to dance should be tops on the fan’s list of urges once the music starts. And it seems that other Chicagoans are pumped too because both shows at the Empty Bottle (we’re catching the late show) are sold out.  Will I be influenced by others?  Will there be one dancing  guy who starts it all?

Live Fix Experiment

I’ll be doing another intense exciting super duper fantastic and amazing Live Fix Experiment tonight, so be sure to tweet in during the show at @chriscatania 

And please use the hashtag #LFEXP if you plan on tweeting along.

Well, kids.  It’s time for the weekend.   And if you’re at either show be sure to stop and say hello.  I’d love to chat with you.


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