You're Invited to a Live Fix Experiment!




I’ve been meaning to explain what exactly a Live Fix Experiment is, and why I do them.

What is a Live Fix Experiment?

It’s many things. 

It’s a test. 

It’s live.

It’s experimental. 

It’s spontaneous.

It’s fun.

It’s social.

It’s media.

It’s about concerts.

It’s about you.

It’s many other things, too.  But here are four reasons why I started doing Live Fix Experiments during concerts.  

  • Discover something new about Live Music

I created Live Fix Experiments to capture the emotions we experience at concerts in more of a real-time way. Doing so allows me to take the reviews I write to the next level. The social media and sensory experiments I did during Rothbury, M.Ward , John Legend, and Black Moth Super Rainbow  all took me deeper into the show and showed me nauances about the fans and the band that I hadn’t seen before.  Almost always, a Live Fix Experiment reveals some kind of deep emotional truth about the show.  Which I believe is one of the ways we can use social media to enhance our live concert experiences. 

From artist performance to fan emotions, I always have a desire to discover something new about live music.  As I’ve said before, I believe that live music is more than just a simple two-hour escape.  It’s also a life-changing event that we shouldn’t underestimate or take for granted. So when I do a Live Fix Experiment, I’m aiming to find something new that I didn’t know before that supports this truth.   And a Live Fix Experiemtn has never failed me in my quest to do so.  

  • Explore our hearts and minds 

Speaking of social media, I love doing Live Fix Experiments on Twitter and other social media platforms because it breaks down barriers. It allows me to see what and how other fans are feeling during a concert.  It’s often hard to tell what’s going on in the hearts and minds of my fellow fans during a concert because a concert can be a very personal and solitary experience.

But whenever I’ve had the chance to be a part of a sacred moment of self-expression because a fan has Tweeted their emotions during a concert,  I felt honored and inspired to read their tweet. I hope to have that same connection with you and other live music fans and seek out and highlight those moments with Live Fix Experiments.

  • Break down physical barriers

I’m amazed at how many concerts are going on any given day.  I’m even more amazed when I see the flood of updates coming through my Seesmic updater and Tweetdeck as the real-time updates “Live Music”  keyword search stream along every second.  Whether I’m at the same concert or not, I love reading the streams of self-expression coming from fans as they soak up and respond to the show as it happens.

I often send them questions about their tweets and I’m always amazed at their responses. Using social media platforms like Twitter is a great way to bring you into the show even if you’re not there physically.  Because the power of just a few words can instantly transport you right into the heart of the show. 

  • Spread the joy and have fun

At the core of Live Fix Experiment is the pure desire to have fun and spread the joy of live music. All of my Twitter experiments have been a natural extension of the pure real-time expression that burst from our minds and hearts during a concert.  So I created Live Fix Experiments to capture and spread those magical moments.


Get ready for the next one

So when ever you see “WELCOME TO ANOTHER LIVE FIX EXPERIMENT…” and/or the hashtag #LFEXP come across my Twitter updates that’s my personal invitation to you to join in. Because Live Fix Experiments are:  All.  About. Live. Music. And. YOU.

To join the next Experiment: you can @reply me, retweet the update or shoot me a DM during or after the concert. 

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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