Bumbershoot Fan Can't Resist the Urge to Surge

Sometimes there are lines you just shouldn’t cross at a concert.

But sometimes, as fans, we can’t resist the urge to cross the line and rush the stage because our emotions well up and surge beyond our control. 

And when our emotional circuitry goes haywire it can make for an awkward and embarrassing moment, too.  A security guard can wrangle you up before you even get to the stage. Or in this fan’s case, you might make it to the stage only to fall several feet short from your goal, and be shamed in front of thousands because you didn’t complete your mission.

I love this photo because it captured these types of moments perfectly.  This photo was taken by Kane Jamison as part of Live Music Blog’s photo gallery of Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, Washington.  I particularly like the one-armed-shoulder-lean restraining move by the security guard. It’s an interesting  photo that combines the emotional fever of live music and the physicality of a gritty gridiron NFL action shot.

Moments like these also make me wonder if it’s an issue involving the brain’s frontal lobe (where impulse control is located), or was a certain substance involved that lowered the fan’s inhibitions? Or both?

Have you ever attempted such a daring feat because your emotions got the best of you? Were you successful, or did you get tackled like this hipster?

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