Will You Sound Off And Make the Transformation?


Are you feeling the urge to take your songwriting to the next stage?

Are you a fan looking to make the transformation  from fan to performing artist? 

Are you a Chicago artist looking for chance to play at Pritzker Park in front of a hometown crowd?

If you answerd “yes” to any of those questions (or might answer yes, eventually) then you should feel special because  I’m sharing the “Sound Off” Chicago Public Library (CPL) Music Competition specifically for you!

I’m also sharing it because “Sound Off” gives Chicago live music fans, and artists, the opportunity to show off their songwriting and live performances skills. 

But that’s not all. 

This contest is also about highlighting the updated music services of the Chicago Public Library who’s challenging the perceptions of Chicagoans by bringing awareness to CPL’s “lesser known free services”, which include regular concerts, CDs, performance DVDs, music downloads and sheet music ranging from The Beatles to Mariah Carey.

Here’s the details on the CHIPUBLIB Sound Off Contest:

From August 27 to September 27, Chicago musicians are invited to submit original compositions inspired by their hometown city of Chicago. Judges for the competition will include Publisher and Editor of Chicago-based Alarm Magazine Chris Force and Jessica Hopper, music & culture critic and author of The Girls’ Guide to Rocking, among others.

The winners will each perform live at the CHIPUBLIB Sound Off Concert – a free, public event held at Pritzker Park in late October across from the Harold Washington Library Center.

 The judges will choose winners based on song creativity, quality of performance, and original expression embodying the essence of the City of Chicago. 

The People’s Choice Winner will be selected by online voters who, from September 28 to October 3, view the top 10 submissions at the CHIPUBLIB Sound Off Vimeo channel and then visit the Not What You Think tumblr blog at www.notwhatyouthink.tumblr.com for online voting. The People’s Choice Winner will open for the Grand Prize Winner at the CHIPUBLIB Sound Off Concert performing their submission as well as a small set of their other music.

Make sure your entries comply with submission criteria posted here.

If your inner songwriter has been aroused and your lyrical creativity is leading you to enter, I hope you do.

Because I know I’ll be looking forward to seeing how my fellow Chicago music fans, and artists, show their lyrical love for the Windy in a live setting.   Pritzker Pavilion has become a stage for some great hometown performances. And this should only add to the venue’s magical atmosphere and give willing fans who want to make the transformation from fan to artist a shot to do so.

If you’re going to submit to the contest, drop me comment or send me an email because I’d like to hear back from you on a few things:

1. What parts of Chicago will you use to inspire your songwriting? 

2.  Was there a particular live show that you’ll be using as inspiration?

3.  If live performance is new for you, are you nervous about performing live?

4. If you win, will you do the songwriting and have someone else perform the song live?

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