Helado Negro Conquers 5 Boroughs On NYC Tour



In June I interviewed Helado Negro front man Roberto Lange for a forthcoming article for Alarm Magazine.  It was a great chat as we discussed his Ecuadorian, Latin jazz, hip hop and karaoke upbringing. One of my favorite parts of the interview was when he explained the experimental blending of visual art with his musical musings, samplings and recordings. 

During out chat Langealso also talked about his work withpainter/kinetic sculptor David Ellis who he’ll meet up with in Charlottesville, VA at the Bridge to score a new sculpture by Ellis. You can learn more about the opening night for this exhibition here.  And in this video you can see Ellis’s work with Lange on their new music video for “Dahum.” 

A few days after our chat my appreciation for Lange’s for experimentaion with all mediums increased when he released an exclusive string of songs via Twitter. So, naturally, when I got this press release in my inboxI had to share it with you because of it’s fitting live music twist.

In celebration of the release of Awe Owe (out August 4th on Asthmatic Kitty), Helado Negro will take a week long tour of the five boroughs of New York. Yes. As far as we know, this tremendous feat has only been accomplished by 50 Cent. Until now. Starting off in Queens, HeladoNegro will bring their perfectly-timed-to-late-summer sounds to each of the City’s boroughs, concluding the tour with a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to play on the mysteriously floating borough itself.”

Sounds like quite an adventure–and it should be fun. I wonder what it will be like going from borough to borough.  Will burnout set in, or will the varied locations in a short span  fuel the band’s collective creativity?  

I’ll have to also check the facts on the dramatic 50 Cent comparison–which surprised me because I wasn’t aware the rapper was so adventurous.  If you’re in NYC during the tour, and plan to go to all five shows or some of them, I’d like to get your feedback and perspective on the experience.
Sadly, though, there’s one thing missing from this press release:  a Chicago stop.  I hope it happens soon. Because Awe Owe is a beautiful album and I’m looking forward (really forward, like fast forward) to soaking up their live show, too.

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