Open Books Blogathon 2009: A Case for Literacy

Part of The Catania Library
Part of The Catania Library


Welcome to the Catania Library!  The above photo is a part of the growing “library” of books that my wife Colleen and I have been creating since we got married and merged our own collections.  There’s everything from Stephen King to Martin Luther King in our collection. And we take a lot of pride in our library so I’m honored to share it with you during the Open Books Blogathon 2009. At certain times during the year we trim it down and donate books, or give them to friends and family.  

If you don’t have one already, I encourage you to start your own library. Because being able to read many types of books throughout the year, and share our reading adventures with each other, has always been one of my favorite parts of our relationship — and I think some type of reading connection with books is something every couple or family should have the chance to experience, too.  We don’t have kids yet, but I know that passing our love for books and literacy on to the next generation is something we look forward to doing through the Catania Library.

What’s in your library?

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