Blogging For A Cause: Open Books Blogathon 2009


 In a few short hours I’ll be doing something I haven’t done before. 

I’m putting my blogging skills to the test and contributing Live Fix blog posts this Saturday for a good cause that doesn’t directly involve live music.  I’ll be participating in Blogathon 2009 with the crew at Open Books.

“Open Books will present 48 irreverently innovative shared stories of fun and frivolity…or, in plainer English, 48 of our infamous Mad Libs, drawn from classic works of fiction and embellished by YOU, our friends across the country! Nabokov with a nose ring? Melville full of monsters? Dumas and a dragon? All of these (and hundreds more) are possible! There will most likely be at least one contest. Might it be a virtual scavenger hunt? Is it as easy as a trivia post? Only time will tell, but prizes are almost certainly in the offing. There will be jokes. There will be quotes. And at the end of that wild 24 hours there will, with your help, be a class of elementary school students in Chicago who will get an entire semester of Open Books Buddies for the 2009-2010 school year.”

Check out the full Examiner article to learn more about Open Books’ –a Chicago non-profit that supports literacy through book donations— involvement in Blogathon 2009.

I met the friendly folks at Open Books this past weekend at Pitchfork Music Festival and gladly excepted their invitation to join their team of bloggers to help blog during the 24-hour Blogathon 2009.



As the Open Books team leader told me, “the event starts on July 25th at 4am Cst and ends at the same time on the 26th and the Open Books team will be entering a blog every half hour at the Open Books Blog for the entire event. So as an extension of their team I will be contributing Live Fix posts, too. I’m really looking forward to the Madlibs.

So if you see posts that aren’t live music related, don’t freak out or think I’ve changed my focus.  Just relax, join in and enjoy the Blogathon 2009. And by all means, feel free to comment and donate should the spirit lead you.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite books, insights into how books have inspired me and why they’ve always been a crucial part of my life even in the digital age. I’d like to learn about your love for books, too.

I hope you’ll have fun. And go get ’em fellow blogathoners!

Open Books Blogathon Page

Open Books Blog

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