Will You Applaud The Michael Jackson Movie?

Disclaimer:I know this is two Michael Jackson related posts back to back. So before I get to the news, I feel that I need to make a few things clear. I’d like to quickly say that although there’s nothing wrong with tribute blogs, Live Fix is not a Michael Jackson tribute blog. It just so happens that his death has impacted live music like no other artist in recent history. So it would be silly for me not to explore all the live music stories concerning his death.  If you’re tired of hearing about it then I apologize.  But do understand that my aim is not to be an opportunistic blogger, but to genuinely explore important stories that impact the collective live music experience.  And without a doubt Jackson’s death is one of those rare events that has many angles worth exploring within the live music culture context.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, according to this Billboard report on Sunday:

AEG Live, the company behind Michael Jackson’s planned comeback in London, is negotiating with several Hollywood studios seeking a deal to release in movie theaters a documentary about the final days of the pop singer, the Wall Street journal said on its Web site.

The Los Angeles-based concert promoter is hoping to recoup some of the $30 million it spent to stage a series of concerts Jackson was preparing for at the time of his death, and make up for some of the lost revenue from box-office receipts and sales of merchandise and food, the Journal said, citing sources familiar with the matter.

When I heard that there was around 100 hours of rehearsal film earlier this month, I thought this might be an avenue that AEG Live would quickly explore to recoup the millions lost in the cancelled concerts and create their own concert industry economic stimulus plan.

Then on Tuesday, the Guardian said that Sony leads the pack in bids for the tribute/documentary/live concert movie.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated as this movie story develops, too.

The Culture of the Clap

It goes without saying that the Jackson rehearsal footage is compelling to watch. But the part of the footage that also caught my attention was hearing the rehearsal director say “hold for applause.”   Many times we go to concerts and don’t think about the impact of the fan applause or why we applaud, whistle or give a hearty “whoo hoo”. 

We all know how important an applause is to a performer. But to hear it actually be a part of the Jackson rehearsal really reinforced its importance for me. I just wanted throw this thought out there for now. And I’ll definitely be exploring this more in future posts.

What makes you clap and applaud during a concert?  Do you do it because it’s expected?  Or do you do it because the artist has truly earned it?

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