Pitchfork Music Festival Day 2: A F'd Up National Dooms Day

 Union Park continued to rock as Day Two of Pitchfork Music Festival showcased a burly frontman who knows how to completely obliterate the barrier between the crowd and the band. I’m talking about punk rockers F**ked Up who, along with their burly leader Pink Eye, provided the heat while the sun hid behind the clouds. To give you a quick taste of the set, while screaming the lyrics he also chewed on beach balls as fans rubbed his sweaty bald noggin.


Taking a break from the music, I always like to stroll around to check out the vendors and various organization booths.  There seemed to be a lot more this year and yesterday, as I walked out of the media tent, I had the pleasure of being lured into local organic t-shirt company I Pledge Eco‘s booth because of their highly effective call to sensory (CTS) connection prompting me to “Feel” their shirts.  I did feel them and they felt soft and organically cotton as the gals at the booth filled me in on their I Pledge Eco’s mission.  This is just a brief intro to one of the organizations I spoke with.  I will do a future post highlighting all my adventures talking with the other organizations at Pitchfork Music Festival.  


Around 5 or so it was time to grab a brat and a root beer from the Berghoff booth. I popped a squat on the grass and chilled out with other fans for a moment before Yeasayer hit the Connector stage.  I had a momentary flashback to my sensual collisionat Rothbury. But thankfully this was, for the most part, a low key moment.


Yes, the real Doom did show up and deliver the goods as one of  the days best sets. I’ll give you more details in my final forthcoming music review on Ink19. In the meantime, the image above is a sneak peek at some of my notes during the set.  I hadn’t done it in a while, but Doom’s set, and his mysterious silver mask, inspired me to do a quick sketch in my moleskin.   Did you do any sketching during Pitchfork?


It didn’t take long. Around 9pm the Black Lips smashed up a guitar during their first song of an expected crazy set. And it was nice to see the crowd on the other end of Union Park during The National set enjoying an intimate embrace.


I left Pitchfork floating on the fumes of The National as I dodged all the garbage carts picking up the remains of Day Two. 

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Day Three? 

Will we see the famous Flaming Lips floating bubble?  Will I be swept away by the shimmering electro-melodies of M83?  Will The Walkmen take me on  cerebral journey just as much as their latest album “You and Me” did?

Follow Day Three of the Live Fix Twitter Experiment here.

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