Pitchfork Music Festival: Did Day One Go As Planned?

Day One of the Pitchfork Music Festival was a drizzly and chilly one. But there was enough warmth and heat coming from the stage via the Jesus Lizard and Built to Spill to keep me from shivering myself to death (I’ll make sure to bring a sweatshirt for Day Two).

The Live Fix Twitter Experiment is going well and there’s been a plethora of sights, sounds and smells to document and process. In just a few hours I had the pleasure of tweeting unfortunate accidents and beautiful moments of euphoria as live music fans soaked up a night during which the fans got to pick the set lists. Did you get to hear your song? Did you enjoy having the bands play the songs you wanted to hear?


But all didn’t go as planned. Because, as the Chicago Tribune reports in one of my favorite wrap ups of Day One, some bands didn’t play by the rules.

Day Two is underway and fans are making their way around the grounds as the beer lines and port-a-potie lines start to grow longer with each passing minute.

I’ll be keeping an eye on several bands: Black Lips, Yeasayer, The National among others. But especially Doom.  Will the real Doom show up or will he send an imposter?  

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