San Francisco Live Music Community Fights for All-Ages Rock

As Chicago venue owners  face their own ongoing ordinance struggles, another city’s live music community also faces opposition because of  questionable  laws being imposed.  The live music community in San Francisco is currently facing challenges related to its all-ages venues and I wanted to bring it to your attention as it seems like the only thing I can do to help at this point.  

Here’s a brief snapshot of what’s going on according to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Those venues could be forced to close, owners say, if the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, better known as ABC, continues to impose rules that club attorneys argue are legally questionable and often unrelated to booze or safety issues.

Some of the clubs say they only recently learned about the new rules, which are not written into state law and haven’t been enforced in the past.

This past week a video (below) was created in addition to the Facebook and Twitter groups you can join to stay current and get involved in the situation.  

In case you want to hear what’s going on in the Facebook book group, here’s what the latest group update message about the YouTube video said:

“Why it’s important people see this: -This fight is NOT about underage drinking -The ABC’s actions are coming out of Sacramento -The more awareness we raise, the more pressure they’ll feel! -If the ABC follows their own rules, this could affect culture all over California”

“What’s not mentioned in the video that people should know: -Even if the ABC relents, the venues could be driven into the ground by the costs of their legal fees ALONE. And yet they have NOT yet raised ticket or food prices. -We all have friends who work in these venues as bartenders, waiters, sound engineers, etc. We all know local and touring musicians who depend on these clubs’ hospitality to new music. If they go under, it will affect people at every level of the city and state economy. Our kids, our friends, our bands, our businesses, our bartenders. Are you mad? So why don’t you write to the ABC and ask them the question: WHY NOW?!”

If you’re a part of the live music community in San Francisco, I’d like to get your perspective. Drop a comment or email me at 

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YouTube video featuring interviews with some of the venue owners:

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