Live Preview: Rock The Bells Festival In Chicago

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to the Rock the Bells Festival in Chicago. I’m expecting a day packed with old and new school swagger where the beats and rhymes flow in all directions.  And it should be fun with KRS-ONE, Supernatural and Pete Rock hosting.  It’s a pretty good lineup but I’m a little concerned that there is not one female on the bill.  Are there no female emcees that can hang with the boys? 

When we covered the festival in 2007, Colleen simultaneously snapped pictures and dodged Henessey bottles and narrowly escaped the Ruckus in the pit as the Wu Tang Clan riled up and sparred with the crowd.  So I’m sure she’ll be looking forward to grabbing photos like the one above.   

Here’s my review from 2007

Have you been to Rock the Bells before? What’d you like about the festival? 

Drop me a comment if you’re heading out there tomorrow, too. 

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Photo by Colleen Catania

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