Why I Love The Ticketmaster Live Nation Merger

Dear Live Music Citizens,

It goes without saying that I love live music. So it’s only natural that I’ve been feeding you a regular stream of updates on the Live Nation Ticketmaster merger. And though I’ve used that above image in a few of the posts, as other bloggers have, I continue to post about the merger so that we don’t get used to them being together and think that the merger doesn’t have a huge impact on our live concert experiences.

It has a huge impact.

And who would have thought live music would have made made me a more active and aware citizen.  My high school history and music teachers would be proud.

That said, this weekend you will probably enjoy a concert, or maybe two,  so here’s some more info you need to consider and take with you on the way to the show. Because we can never be too informed about events that have an impact on our rights to enjoy live music on our terms.

So, in addition to the update I posted last week on the Ticketmaster Live Nation merger, I’d like to share with you a very thorough update courtesy of Chicago Sun-Times pop critic Jim Derogatis who, last week, posted a list of links and thoughts about the merger, which is still pending.  

I can always count on Dero to get comprehensive and this is one of those times when we need it most.

Stay informed, enjoy your weekend and enjoy the show!

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