Has Web 2.0 & Social Media Made Live Concerts More Real?

Feedback is a great thing.  And like I’ve mentioned before, I love when fans excercise their right to speak their minds in the All Powerful Comment Box.

In response to a question I asked on my Throbbing Gristle post, fellow blogger and live music fan Dhex left a very interesting comment about his thoughts on social media and Web 2.0 influencing the live concert experience.  

In case you didn’t get a chance to read his comment, I’d like to share it with you here and see what you think.

…screaming and cheering…

i think there’s something a bit off – and perhaps only a bit – in how everything has to be transmitted and shared to be real. things seem to be getting a little too web 2.0 for some folks these days.

This was my comment back to Dhex:

What do you think makes concert fans want to send their “cheering and screaming experiences” beyond the confines of the concert and out into the web 2.0 world? Have you ever done so?

Do you agree with dhex?  Or do you think we’re just evolving as concertgoers into a new era of real-time expression that we haven’t experienced before?

Do you think tweeting or texting about your live concert experiences makes them more real for you and others?

Thanks again to dhex and please keep the comments & questions coming and the discussion flowing.

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