Throbbing Gristle on Boing Boing: Massaging Organs in Real-Time

After my post about the emotional impact of Throbbing Gristle expressed in the comment box, I came across an excellent Boing Boing post packed with physiological goodies that demonstrate the physical impact of seeing TG live.

And I am certain the emotional and the physiological are connected.

Because our brain and our body send messages back and forth to each other telling the other how much pleasure the other is having during the concert. It’s an amazing connection that comes to the forefront when the live concert environment enhances and allows us to feel a natural process that goes on between our brain’s Pleasure Center and body every second without us knowing or being aware.

Social Media As Emotional-Physicological Expression Tool

“It was like my diaphram resonated until my lungs became a subwoofer while words once from a man’s mouth sprung  from the same woman’s mouth, ” Twittered TG Trufam TBias.

And the other part I love about this fan snippet from the BB article is that the experience was captured in a tweet as the fan expressed his sensation felt during the TG in 140 characters on Twitter.  This is something I’ve been experimenting with myself and it’s great to see others doing it and then see Boing Boing documenting the process and discussing it, too.

The interview with TG also focuses on the influence of social media fans expressing themselves in real-time, the influence of TG’s music and how they create their live experience.

Have you tweeted from a concert about receiving  “internal organ massages”when the band literally moved you?

Have you ever  expressed in real-time the physical sensations  or emotions you felt as they were happening  at a live concert? How’d you do it?  On Twitter? Text message to a friend?



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