Live Music Fans Tell Their Stories



Every live music fan has a unique story to tell.

And if you’re reading this blog then you probably love going to concerts. 

Which means that you probably have live music experiences to share and great concert stories to tell.

How do you tell your story?

To get an idea of how other fans have shared their live concet stories, check out my interview with John O’Donnell about  how he met Kid Rock backstage and my chat  with No Air Guitar Allowed author Steve Weinberger. You’ll also want to see how one fan recalled Aerosmith with her senses and how one fan took in a rare U2 show.

It’s Your Story

Whether you just attended your 1st or 1,000th concert, it’s up to you how you want to share your unique  perspective on the live concert experience from the past, present or future. Your live concert story can be told in words, pictures or video.  Concert stories submissions can be short insightful observations about concert culture (any genre) or longer stories about a specific experiences. 

Live Concerts & Social Media

And if you’ve ever tweeted, texted or captured a live concert with your cell phone and uploaded it to YouTube,  I’d like to know more about those live concert experiences using social media, too.

Please send your storie to and check out the Gist of the Fix for more info.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing about your live concert experiences and unique stories!

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