The Beauty of Album Artwork: Record Store Day 2009


This past Saturday, on Record Store Day I had the pleasure of  browsing through the vinyl stacks at Kiss the Sky Records in Geneva, Il. where I picked up M.Ward’s  Hold Time on vinyl. When I got home, I did what I normally do after I peel back the plastic on a new vinyl album. I unfolded the packaging and marveled at the artwork.  For the rest of the day, I was reminded of the unique quality you just can’t get with downloads or CDs: the beauty of album artwork to have all the landscape it needs to mesmerize and add depth and character to an album.

Long view of M.Ward's Hold Time Album artwork
Longview of M.Ward's Hold Time album artwork

When I picked up my album at  Kiss the Sky Records in Geneva, IL–who by the way made it very hard to choose with their excellent selection of vinyl–I asked the guys at the front as desk as they rung me up how the day went for them, they responded with one word: busy.  And that was great to hear.

My choice to go with M. Ward’s Hold Time over the many other fine choices, was largely because a) an M.Ward album was made to listen to on vinyl and b) I was anticipating his live show in Chicago this Sunday so I had to go with an album that would properly prepare me for the show.

But I’d like to know how your day was.  What albums did you pick up?  Any live ones?  What was the vibe like in your local record shop?

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