Popmatters: Interview with Danny!


So what does a hip hop artist/producer who loves creating lushly layered albums do when he can’t create the same feel live? He relies on his rhyming and storytelling talent. Those two combined can reveal to the crowd a deeper dimension of the music that can’t be conveyed on record.

Such was the intended approach explained to me by Atlanta-based hip hop producer Danny Swain  (aka Danny!).   I spoke with Swain for Popmatters back in December about his career thus far, including the recent  difficulties he had releasing his latest album And I Love H.E.R.

He had this to say when I asked him about performing his music live: 

Your albums are very elaborate and intricate with samples and layers of beats and interweaving story lines. When you perform live do you have the same sonic elements as they appear on the album?
When I’m performing live I look for the bigger picture. I pick the song that best fits what fans are expecting at a concert. I re-create some of the album tracks into more live party songs. I would eventually like to make my live shows more theatrical and have costume changes because I love doing that for the fans. I love giving them a show that they can dance to and get lost in.

You can read the entire interview on Popmatters.

What are your thoughts about seeing hip hop live?

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