Welcome to the New Live Fix

Welcome to the new home of Live Exhaust!

I know I’ve written a few posts about the inconvenience of venue changes but as I’ve mentioned before, sometimes the change is for the better—and this venue change is a definitely a great one!

Why the new name?

As Live Exhaust developed from your comments and feedback, I decided to sharpen the vision with a new name: Live Fix. I originally came up with Live Exhaust because I wanted to express my thoughts as I examined with the after affects and subtext of the live concert experience. After a year I felt the vision could be sharpened since what I’ve really written about is our communal need, addiction or “fix “for the live concert experience. This is what inspired me to create the new tagline “experimenting with our addiction to concert culture.”

I’m excited to make the transition to Live Fix, and as always, I welcome your feedback and comments about what you do and don’t like, or would like to see more of, on the new Live Fix. As before. Live Fix will continue to take a deeper look into the live concert experience and explore all topics and news about live concerts.

Live Fix will also replace my existing website by combining the blog and all my past work. I’ll still be covering live music, writing about it for other publications, so all the reviews, interviews, feature articles but now all my work will be collected in one convenient spot.

This is the first transition phase, so if you subscribe to Live Fix in a RSS feed reader please keep an eye out for when the final merge with www.christophercatania.com occurs. I’ll send an announcement for that, too.

Please feel free to explore the new sections: About, Features & Reviews, Gist of the Fix, and Interviews and let me know what you think.

I look forward to exploring live concert cuture with you in a brand new venue!



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