How Twitter Can Build Tour Buzz, Fans

I came across this cool list of 10 tips from Sound Citizen that explains how musicians and bands can use Twitter to connect with fans.

Here’s 5-7, since they specifically call out the live concert experience.

Update About Recent Performances. Your fans want to know about a show you just did. It’s not only a great way to stay in touch, but also to let followers know how much you enjoyed the crowd and their city. You know how when you mention a city’s name during a performance and everyone goes nuts? Same thing applies with Twitter.

Announce Upcoming Tour Dates and Appearances. Recently announced tour dates have a way of spreading through Twitter (and consequently all over the Web) and give followers and fans a sense of urgency. Will you be featured on TV or radio soon? Tell ‘em.

Give Away Some Tickets. Want to make friends fast? Consider giving away a pair of tickets to your followers. Start by announcing that you plan on giving away tickets soon. You’ll see a deluge of new followers. Then follow through by selecting a random follower(s) to receive free tickets to an upcoming show. Make sure to make a post after the fact, telling the rest of your followers that a winner was chosen and call out the winner with an “@” link, like this: Thanks everyone for the great response to our ticket giveaway! @TheMikePhillips is the winner!

After my experience of connecting with other live music fans and other Tweeters during the Grammys, these tips are right on. Using Twitter as a way to instantly connect with fans after a show and to keep the live buzz connection going is something bands can’t pass up.

Twitter is also about soaking up the moment as news, a thought or an event unfolds in front of you or in your mind. Then you take that emotional fodder and connect it with those who are like minded or sharing the same experience.

Live concerts work in the same way. And this type of emotional connection is something only the live concert experience can provide for fans.

If bands capitalize on the live experience via Twitter, fans are sure to respond in ways that might make the tour better as it rolls along.

If you’re a band and using Twitter, let me know how it’s going. If you’re new to Twitter but plan on experimenting, let me know, too.

What do you think?

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