Chicago Promoters Ordinance Update

The Chicago music community can rest easy for the time being as City officials, on Thursday, said the Proposed Ordinance—that would force many independent promoters and venues to close shop—is still not ready to vote on.

Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot reports that “Despite fears within the music community that the so-called Promoters Ordinance would again come to a vote March 11 without an opportunity for public debate, the press officer for Ald. Gene Schulter (D-47th), chairman of the Committee on License and Consumer Protection, issued a statement Thursday saying that was not the case.”

So with this black cloud hanging over our heads, we’ve almost made it through most of the indoor club season and surprisingly still no newly drafted deal yet. So let’s play on and patiently wait with a watchful eye as city officials, according to Schulter, “separate the good apples from the bad apples [in promoting live events].”

Let’s make sure they do come up with a draft that works and don’t try to sneak a bogus deal under the radar like they tried last year. I’ve had some fun already in 2009 at smaller venues and I want to keep it that way.

Don’t you?

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