Why Spreadsheets Don't Suck Anymore

I’ve been mulling over this Idolator article for quite some time. Mainly because it’s challenging a thought from a previous post, and making the financial truth of touring hard to swallow.

But on the brightside, it also furthers a thought I had about the indie-rock Long Tail of touring and then links it to another thought I had about the postive impact of festivals on the live music experience, showing that festivals can actually be a benefits to bands and save them money.

It also good to read an article that challenges my preconceived thoughts about touring, especially when the point is backed up with spreadsheets and mathematical equations: two things not usually part of the live music experience.

But if any math or statistics teacher wants to connect with his or her students, or any fans want to take a sobering look at how bands and touring managers crunch the numbers, trying to make a profit on the road, then this Idolator article is required reading.

I’d really like to see a spreadsheet like this for bands I’ve covered. Any labels or tour managers are more than welcome to forward their spreadsheets along with mp3’s and press bios.

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