Cheap Trick 1981: Re-Tasting Chicagofest at Navy Pier

It’s always a huge bonus when I talk with live music fans and then get surprised when they send me a YouTube video to illustrate our chat.

On Wednesday I had a random concert conversation with a colleague of mine, Jonathan. He asked me if I could guess which Chicago venue he had seen Cheap Trick in 1981. I rattled off several popular Chicago venues coming close, then I gave up.

He had seen Cheap Trick at Navy Pier during Chicagofest; the precursor to Taste of Chicago.

Then on Thursday, I received an email from Jonathan with a funny message saying, “This was where I saw Cheap Trick. I was the Sound Engineer…not really.”

His message also included a four-minute YouTube Video showing the beginning of the festival and Cheap Trick performing “Stop This Game.”

Watching this live concert flashback was fantastic.

Seeing Chicago’s Navy Pier 28 years ago–-complete with a panoramic view of the Taste of Chicago roots and CT fans in 1981 paying for tickets and rushing the stage—-was a fascinating sociological and cultural anthropological live music flashback.

It was great to have Jonathan send the video. And thanks to YouTube, our random conversation grew into a conversational exploration on Live Exhaust.

Have you ever used YouTube to illustrate or relive a live concert moment? If so, did you share it with others, or just keep the re-enjoyment to yourself?

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