I Love The Cubs But…


Having Billy Joel and Elton John play on July 21st at Wrigley Field in Chicago is not the best thing for fans (baseball or music.)

With such a rich crop of indie-rock right in their own backyard and considering the state of the Tribune needng a new and younger audience to get future revenue from, the 2008 Central Division Champs should learn something from the Atlanta Braves(even it bruises their ego.)

According to this Creative Loafing story the Braves are having an open submission for “any band (any genre) to compete for the right to play Turner Field in front of 40,000 people.”

If the Cubs pulled from the talent in their own backyard and created their own version of what the Braves are doing that would better for fans, bands and our wallets.

Why not make the most of Chicago’s deep pool of independent bands? Why not give local bands the chance to play at Wrigley and offer fans cheaper tickets to get in. That would be better than charging fans high ticket prices too see artists who have had their time in the spotlight.

If the Cubs can’t get to the World Series this year (or ever), why not at least use the park for live music that does matter.

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