Lady Sovereign? Where? Who Moved The Venue?

With a new album due this spring and an apparent change in look (or she’s putting a new spin on her mockery m.o.) I was looking forward to Lady Sovereign’s show this past Wednesday at the Empty Bottle.

But I got an email from the ticket service last week telling me that due to unforeseen circumstances the show was moved to the Logan Square Auditorium on February 4th.

I’m cool with that as I haven’t seen a show there before. And I’ve dealt with this kind of situation before as Chicago independent promoters have a close knit community and have juggled venues at the last minute many times before.

But, really, I was looking forward to experiencing Lady Sovereign at the close-quartered Empty Bottle.

This situation also makes me think about how promoters sometimes change venues due to “unforeseen circumstances”. Sometimes it’s because of a conflict of schedule, other times it’s an undisclosed promoter-related issue.

But in either case, I wondering how the last minute change in venue impacts the fan’s anticipation and expectations when the surroundings they paid for are suddenly changed.

What do you think?

I’ll be sure to let you know after the show next week.

Enjoy the weekend!

Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing

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