I Got the Buzz

I don’t normally like to talk about an article before it’s complete, but the post-interview buzz was pretty strong this time.

On Sunday, I spoke with a live music fan and family member (my wife’s uncle) John O’Donnell about his recent adventures this past New Years in Las Vegas for his 53rd birthday.

I’ll be honest with you. John’s story is sad as he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer this past August. But his spirit, recent adventures and love for live music, and music in general, is very inspiring.

I was interviewing him because I wanted to talk with John about how he accomplished his goal of meeting and thanking Kid Rock backstage before his January Vegas show for the inspiration he’s received from Kid Rock’s recent album Rock ‘N Roll Jesus.

Our conversation was really great and added some serious depth to understanding the healing power and comfort live music can bring us. John also surprised me by sharing his live music experiences while in serving in the Marines during Vietnam.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for the full interview and pictures coming soon.

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