Need A Fix In Between Live Shows?

I’ve been enjoying Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit music performances for awhile now. But for some reason I haven’t mentioned them on Live Exhaust. Sorry about that. Consider this my humble amends.

From indie-rockers Secret Machines to indie-rappers like Aesop Rock and Zion I, since 2003, as a part of Fuel TV’s coverage of action sports pop culture, the Daily Habit’s Music show has been a prime spot to enjoy live in-studio performances from a large variety of up and coming or underground artists.

Watching these shows has given me an interesting perspective on live performance. I’m not sure how large the live “in-studio audience” is during these performances because there is a minor cheer and applause after the sets. And I’m not quite sure how they tape the shows. But these post-performance reminded of how it feels when a band performs live on TV before a national audience and the feeling and vibe is different from a venue feeling because the audience is smaller and not giving off the same amount of energy and excitement. And of course, you’re not “there” to actually “feel” the music. You only hear, and see it. Funny how that changes how the music moves you, eh?

Either way, even though you can’t be “there” I still suggest checking out the Daily Habit online as these shows are fun to watch as the artists rap, sing and riff on the unique skateboard half-pipe skate park stage, and you can still get an idea of what their live show might be like while also getting your fix in between live shows.

If your local cable provider has the channel you can check out the shows via the TV weeknights airings at 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm PT). Or you can check them out online.

I’ll also look more into how they tape the shows and get back to you with more info.

Here’s a list of upcoming shows:

1-19 – Japanese Motors

1-20 – The Walkmen

1-21 – Zoin I

1-22 – The So-So Glos

1-23 – The Henry Clay People

1-29 – City and Colour

2-5 – Black Tide

2-6 – The Bronx

2-10 – B-Real

2-13 – Thursday

See the Flobots on the Daily Habit


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