Cleveland Critic Sues Newspaper, Orchestra

Now things are getting interesting…

Last Thursday, as reported by the New York Times, on Decemeber 11th, Dan Rosenberg the music critic who was removed from his Cleveland Orchestra beat struck back by filing a lawsuit against the paper(which he still works for) and the Cleveland Orchestra management.

I have to say I am a bit surprised that Rosenberg would go to such lengths, although I do understand the reasons why Rosenberg might want to sue.

But it is a gusty move. And as the case moves forward we’ll have to see what kind of “campaign of vilification” that Rosenberg says was waged because at this point his charges are pretty bold, and the two sides seems to be at odds about why he was removed from his original beat.

“Mr. Rosenberg, 56, charged the defendants with defamation. He accused orchestra management of tortious interference with his job, and the paper and Ms. Goldberg of age discrimination and violating Ohio’s free speech principle. The suit seeks damages of at least $50,000.”

This makes me wonder what it means for all music critics. Is it ridiculous to sue your own paper or is this a case of a courageous writer putting his foot down?

I know some of you are classical music buffs so if you know about any other cases where a music critic sued his own paper and the orchestra he was critiquing please drop me a line.

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