The Road Inspires Beach House

I know the beaches in most parts of the county are closed till summer. But I still want to share this video from Baltimore rock duo Beach House.

Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing their live show at Subterranean.

I was swept away by the dreamy mix of Victoria Legrand’s vocals and organ humms and Alex Scally’s folky fusion of guitar and electronic sampling. It was a psychedelic experience that left me intrigued and inspired.

I left the venue that night wondering what else this duo could do and what it must be like on the road with them. And this video served as an artistic answer, bringing me as close as I could to my “on the road” question.

Watching this video also made me think back to my road weary post where I wondered about how artists deal with being on the road and away from their families and normal everyday life.

This and other videos I’ve seen lately have really shown that cool and interesting videos are still being made, it’s just that MTV isn’t the place to look for them anymore, or for the last ten years in fact.

Places like, Fuse and other venues are gladly picking up the creative video-making slack and capitalizing on the excellent opportunity to visually capture, connect, and illuminate the emotions of this and other song stories.

Have you seen any interesting videos lately that capture how you feel when at a concert or illustrate what it must be like to tour with the band?

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