Sneakin’ In: Festival Crashers Blog


Is sneaking into a concert a crime?

How many fans try to sneak into festivals or concerts each year?

How many are caught?

How many are not?

How many get injured?

These questions came to mind when I discovered an interesting blog that puts a very humorous twist on live concert coverage. I came across Festival Crashers blog when I was looking to see how other fans took in the Hideout Block Party—a two-day festival that still has me pondering the full-body ramifications of the ballistic Monotonix show(see above picture) even though it was back in September.

Festival Crashers covers live festival events like a usual music blog does but every so often they live up to their moniker and try to sneak in and give you tips on how they did it.

Their Hideout Block Party #4 crashing story was pretty funny because when I think back to when I was checking at the press table, I actually remember seeing these crazy guys working the press table to score the artist tag they feature in the picture. Pretty slick.

It’s a novel idea for a blog but entertaining to say the least. Most of the festivals I covered this year were pretty tight on security but I would imagine that festivals like Rothbury, Bonnaroo and Summer Camp would have a few holes to seek in through if you’re clever enough.

I think I sense another Live Exhaust experiment coming on and I will be looking into the questions I asked above. In the meantime, I do suggest checking out Festival Crashers other attempts as they explain how they crashed REM, Dave Matthews and The Black Crowes.

Check out their other attempts

Crash #1: REM at The United Center

Crash #2: Dave and Black Crowes at Alpine

Crashing Girl Talk

Have you ever crashed a festival and found your way in without paying?

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