Is Rothbury 2009 Sustainable?

It saddens me to share this news but I must do it. On Oct 30th, the site of Rothbury Music festival went on the auction blocks. Will Rothbury recycle itself or just head to the music festival landfill?

Back in Sept, as reported by Susan Pollack of the Detroit news, Double JJ Ranch, the site of the 2008 Rothbury Music Festival, closed and went up for public auction because the owners could no longer afford the lease, “owing creditors an estimated $22 million,” with the property “valued at $33 million.”

So on October 30th, the site headed to the auction block, and I’m wondering how many other festival sites or festival’s will face the same fate. Though I’ve had tons of fun at the festival I’ve covered in the last few years, I always wondered when the bubble would burst. And by the looks of Rothbury’s situation the frantic and tragic state of the ecomony has now been felt and seen by the live concert industry.

Well, we’ll just have to see how the Double JJ Ranch situation turns out but right now a 2009 Rothbury festival doesn’t look likely. I’ve dugged around some and haven’t been able to find out any more details on the Double JJ Ranch since Oct. 30th. If you have any details please let me know.

I’d also like to hear your thoughts about the bloated struggling state of the destinaton festival market. Do you care or not?

If you know any more details about the Rothbury please send them along.

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