Michelle Obama Gets Electro-Soul Tribute

Though I’ve seen a lot of Obama support coming from the stage this year via posters and some lyrical nods, I saw one of the funniest and most creatively catchy songs on Saturday night when LA-based electro-soul diva Lady Tigra performed her newly crafted ode to Michelle Obama “Black First Lady,” for the Empty Bottle crowd.

There is a bit of live show context for the true enjoyment of this one.

Let me explain…

It was during the final night of the weeklong Decibelle festival and the crowd was a bit thin so the fifteen or so people in the crowd, all climbed on stage and went through the song not once but twice.

Yes, it’s that good (as far as Obama campaign songs go) and seeing it performed among a small but pumped up throng of ladies, added something that the recorded version might not communicate.

But it goes both ways…

Because the recorded version has some crafty rhymes performed by a male artist that Lady Tigra told us she was still trying to master as the song is fairly new.

Either way the track is one of the best Obama family odes so far this year.

Though “Black First Lady” might be a bit ahead of its time, it’s still worth a listen and will stick in your head once the soulful chorus kicks in…”black first lady…first black first lady….”

You can check it out on Lady Tigra’s Myspace page.

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