Re-raisin' McCain: I Stand Corrected

Hey, what do I know?

I thought that as cheesy and ridiculous as this song is—and John Rich has written better songs—that McCain would not want it following him on the campaign trail. And, even thought it fits the mold of campaign songs throughout our nation’s election history, I didn’t think that McCain would use it as the main song to punctuate and cap off his speech. But it did at least wake everyone up at the end of a long speech.

But thanks to a friend and reader of Live Exhaust who pointed out a very interesting point that both McCain and Obama used songs that were designed to reach and win over a demographic that loves cookie-cutter pop country music and not necessarily mainstream rock and roll. I always approach music with an open mind but I guess my political contextual judgment was blinded by my better music taste buds this time.

But that’s why I have you LE readers to keep me honest and on my toes.

In case you missed it here are links to the Raisin’ McCain video and the end of McCain’s speech.

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