Live Music Blog: 20 Shows in 20 Days

Hey how’s the weekend going?

quick one here…

a fellow live music writer over at Live Music Blog Chicago-based writer Andrew McMahon annouced this week that he will embark on a quest to see 20 bands in approximately 20 days.

Sounds like a lot of fun…

But it also sounds like it could be a challenge.

It also sounds like a challenge worth discussing here at Live Exhaust once Andrew accomplishes his mission.

I know I would be interested to learn what it was like for him during the 20 day trek. I know it would be fun but having gone through a similiar guantlet once I know that it can quickly turn into a labor of love as the body gets tired and the ear drums start to beg for mercy.

But in any case, I’m going to see if Andrew would like to share his post-trip thoughts with us.

And by the looks of his schedule, I think, he started his voyage at the Andrew Bird show in Chicago on Sept 3rd, if so, he got things off to a great start as Bird rock the Pitzker Pavilion silly.

I’ll keep you updated.

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