Live Nation #1 on Billboard Revenue Chart

I know you love live music because I know that you are willing to hand over your hard earned cash to hear it.

It’s also speculated that in times of economic hardship, it’s the entertainment industry that tends to make out okay financially, mainly because with entertainment comes escape and live music , as we all know, is a great escape. And we seem to be willing to pay the price to escape…no matter how much the ticket costs.

Is that true? Either way, I have an article to share with you…

On Aug 7th Billboard reported that concert promoter super-giant Live Nation, boasted encouraging gains so far this year. They’re also expecting to see even more cash role in as they lean on the upcoming fall concert season, which has one of their 360 deal artists in Madonna gearing up for her fall tour, among others, such as Coldplay projected to sell out arenas.

“We are pleased to report that the live music industry remains healthy, particularly given the continued economic slowdown that has impacted so many consumer-oriented business,” said Live Nation president/CEO Michael Rapino during a call with investors”

“…As expected, concert attendance and per head revenue has held up very well, and the pace of ticket sales remains robust in the current quarter.”

And since we’re well past the halfway mark on the calendar year, I wanted to check in with you and see how your live shows have been going.

Have you had to cut back on shows?

Have you gone to more arena shows,festivals or smaller club venues?

Your favorites so far?

Shows you’re looking for to?

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