Seminars That Rock: Future of Music Coalition

During my stroll through the non-profit booth area at Pitchfork Music festival last month, I had the chance to have a brief conversation with Washington D.C.-based Casey Rae-Hunter Communications Director of the Future of Music Coalition. Among the indie-rock festivities that swirled all around us, we swapped stories of our respective cities, and we also had a very poignant chat about how the FMC is creating a platform for those in music industry to educate and empowering themselves via ongoing discussions about net-neutrality and other issues of public interest within the music community across the country.

Casey was nice enough to enlighten me on the state of the D.C. music scene these days as we also talked about the Chicago Music Commission and the recent fight to keep the local laws equal for smaller club owners/promoters and bigger promoters.

Hopefully, I can make the trip to D.C. eventually, but until then these two seminars in Chicago (9/22) and New York (10/6) announced last week will have to do. These events look to be key happenings that you don’t want to miss, especially if you have any interests in supporting or educating yourself on the curren state of artists’ rights to rock on the internet, in your ears and anywhere else, so you can hear the music that moves them, too.

Head on over to the FMC web site for more seminar info and to find out how they’re keeping tabs on Comcast’s peer-to-peer practices.

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