You're Moving What? When? Why?

Real quick post and some good reading…

Before the Radiohead concert tonight, I wanted to share this with you because tonight as I do the “no eyes” Radiohead experiment, I realized that by doing so I was removing a key factor from what is known as the Perceptual Process. It would take a while for me to fully explain the entire process, but for the sake of time and space and for our purposes here, I‘ll briefly explain how the PP impacts what I’ll be experiencing (or not experiencing) tonight.

The steps in the PP are; Environmental Stimulus, Transduction, Processing, Perception, Recognition and Action(picture a circular diagram with arrows going clockwise and starting with Environmental Stimulus). And in short, this process happens really fast most of the time as we go about our daily lives, so essentially what I’m doing tonight is removing a key player (the eyes) from the PP.

And taking in to account the fact that I haven’t “seen” Radiohead perform live before, I am going in to this experiment with no previous “live Radiohead” information for my brain to use while I am blindfolded. So it will be very interesting to see what happens as I go through the various stages; I expect that my other senses might compensate for my eyes not having anything to process and I also expect to have several other enhanced Environmental Stimuli to record, many of which my brain and body will be processing without my eyes; it should be quite an experience as my brain is used to processing something visual during a concert. I’m excited to see what happens as this will be the first concert where I am intentially removing my eyes from the equation and proceededing to enjoy the sweet rockin’ melodies of Radiohead relying on my other 4 external senses.

As I promised, here’s a fine and applicable read from Radiohead’s website that discusses the background development and implementation of the LED lighting used during the Radiohead shows.

And lastly, if you want to read more about the Perceptual Process you can certainly research it online but if you’re the type of person who’s still into reading books; you can read the Sensation and Perception installment of the Gray Matter series. It’s one of the many books I’ve been reading and learning from as I develop more experiments and theories to test on Live Exhaust.

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