Two Thundering Reviews: Jessica Simpson

Are there always two sides to every story? And can we all view an artist performance differently?

When I read this story about Jessica Simpson’s courageous set at Country Thunder in Wisconsin, I thought back to how an artist’s performance can be taken and conveyed in several ways—depending on several factors—by the fans and especially the concert reviewers.

For example, I’ve read many concert reviews where the reviewer seemed to be reviewing a completely different show than the one I was at. He saw things that I seem to have missed and reading the review seemed almost like a fictional account. But the opposite has also happened; where what I read was exactly as I remembered it and the review was a perfect 500 word snapshot of what happened at the show—from the artist performance to how I felt during the show.

But this Jessica Simpson story was an interesting one because video was involved and the accounts of her getting booed and/or applauded seemed to support both stories. Very interesting…

Have you ever had this experience?

Or did you attend Country Thunder and see the Simpson set? If you were the ones booing or applauding, you don’t have to admit it in public; you can email me in private if you want to, I won’t tell anybody.

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