Festival Riffin' You Should Read

Hi there, I’d like to share an article with you.

In his monthly Mixtape Confessions column at Popmatters, Ben Rubenstein tells of what I wanted to do but wasn’t able to, and he tells it very well. He talks about how he went to both Pitchfork Music Festival and Rock the Bells hip hop festival in the same weekend and he does a very good job of riffing humorously on the festival scene in general.

Having covered Rock the Bells last year, I had planned to do double duty this year but due to logistical complications and other reasons (somebody close to me really wanted to see Vampire Weekend’s Saturday set), we spent the whole weekend at Pitchfork.

Man, in hindsight I wish I would have done double duty and gone to see Rock the Bells instead of getting sucked in and drained by Vampire Weekend.

But instead I’ll live vicariously through Ben Rubenstein for the moment. Thanks Ben!

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