Fertile Festival: If the Tent is a Rockin'

Stevie Ray Vaughn once welcomed all to “come on in” if you notice that the house was a rockin’ but in this case, an AP story suggests that you better not bother the tents you see a rockin’ while at a music festival. According to the story the Country Jam festival in Colorado might be contributing to a higher pregnancy rate nine months after the festival.

And having just attended a summer music festival a few weeks ago, this AP story brought up some very interesting questions.

While at Rothbury and other camping festivals—though I didn’t come across any specific instances of confirmed post-concert conception—I did have a few random hmmm-thoughts after I saw some tents auspiciously wiggle in the wee hours of the morning
after a rousing set of music.

And come to think of it, if a baby was to be conceived in any location, a music festival might not be a bad place at all. But the right music would certainly have to be playing.

On a more sociological note, I read this article and began wondering if there is specific genre of music that produces more baby making opportunities for live music fans than others? Rock n Roll with all its subgenres, certainly has its sensual side and sex can be a very rebellious act in certain contexts so those two factors together are certainly key chemicals in baby-making alchemy.

But baby-making has been going on for a lot longer than rock n roll, so you have to ask the question whether rock n roll(or country music) is in fact the most baby-producing music of choice for those inspired to do so.

Or does it just happen, like at this country festival in Colorado, in the heat of the square dance and is the music just background emotional filler that pushes a couple over the emotional edge? On the surface, it seems to be a chicken-before-the-egg kind of dilemma but as always, I’ll pose the question to you Live Exhausters, and get back to you as this thought simmers a bit.

So tell me, what genre of music do you thing contributes the most to “baby-making” or just love-making in general?

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