Think You Know Your Body?

We’ve been talking about the 5 senses for the last month here at Live Exhaust, discussing which of the 5 senses is the most crucial to enjoying live show and why.

Is it your ears or maybe your eyes that makes a show impossible to forget? Is it the icy cold beverage you sipped as the band played on, or was it the touch of friendly flesh of that special someone huddled next to you? Or maybe it was the stimulating feeling of support(or the thrill of being dropped) as you surfed along the surface of a hundred hands? Or maybe it was the odd odor of the venue or that unshowered stinker next to you that completely ruined the show, forever logging the experience as “terrible” in your olfactorial memory bank when the band actually played its best show?

Cast your vote and comment via the new Live Exhaust poll for THE MOST IMPORTANT SENSE!

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