Rothbury 2008: Visual Wrap Up, Final Numbers

 Ever since Live Exhaust began you’ve had the pleasure of seeing my wife Colleen’s photography alongside my exhaustive ramblings. And I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to showcase her work on the LE mainstage. Rothbury So without further ado(if you haven’t scrolled down already), here’s a photo gallery from Rothbury Festival featuring; Betty Lavette, Dave Matthews, a compost heap of Rothbury cumulative sustainable waste, and others, along with some very intreging final numbers (and their backstories) supplied by the Rothbury Greening Team. It was a festival with many dimensions and angles and I hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage here at Live Exhaust.

 A list of final Rothbury numbers follows the gallery.








 Visit Dry Water Media to see more of Colleen’s photography.

The Numbers:

Used over 50,000 feet of fencing to corral and contain the masses.

12,000 porta-potties to help provide a place of relief and release for the massses (and provide a excellent moment of ears and touch only sensory reverberation during the Dresden Dolls set).

500,000 corn cups to help hydrate and liquidate the masses.

1000 volunteers (550 green team volunteers, 450 Work Exchange Program volunteers)to help serve (and clean up after) the masses.

Attendees at ROTHBURY coming from all 50 states and 15 countries. (the masses)

Sheriff/Municipal Police involved include: Village of Rothbury Police, Rothbury Sheriff, Michigan State Police, New Era Police, New Era Sheriff
Private security include: 50 Mounted Security from the Dallas, Texas area and 300 Private Security Staff from two companies, one from Grand Rapids and one from Pontiac, MI; to help protect the masses from themselves.

General Manager Richard Glasgow faced Greening ROTHBURY with steadfast commitment. He pledged to ride only his bicycle, never a motorized vehicle, and made it through the weekend with an incredible 72 miles clocked on his odometer to show the masses that Rothbury really means what it says.

Were you a part of the masses? If so,… well, you know what to do..

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