Coachella 2008: A countdown to the end of my 20’s?

It’s coming. And I’m really not that worried. Really. I’m not. And if there ever was a true countdown to the end of my twenties I guess this is one way to do it. Today Coachella music festival announced the line up to this year’s festival and has a helpful countdown clock to mark every minute leading up to the festival kickoff on April 25th. I stared at the screen for quite awhile and then shook my eyes back to normal because, as usual, for the past 10 years, the line-up for the three day festival in Indio, CA is jammed-packed with the best in emerging rock, hip hop and electronica while also merging the current talent with seminal acts of the past with this year showcasing Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters who will be laying down the Dark Side of the Moon.

And just last night my wife asked me what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday party. I paused, sighed and ended up not really giving a good answer because I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to spend such a pivotal day. When I failed to give a suitable answer to her I felt just like when someone asks me what my favorite albums are and I my mind goes embarrassingly blank. In hindsight, the answer was easy! What better place than at a live three day concert in California! I also hope that my wife reads my blog and catches the subtly of this post because that would be one heck of a birthday party. (nudge, nudge)

I know, the chances of that happening are slim, but aside from being a possible birthday pipedream, Coachella 2008 also will be spreading its set list to the East Coast with All Points West confirmed and set to take place in August 8-10 in New Jersey, just one week after Lollapalooza 2008 which is still yet to announce its line up. Yes, it’s not even February yet and we’re already talking outdoor music festivals. Live music must be important, eh? I love shows at a club but the outdoor festival is such a unique moment of escape and festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza are so mammoth that you can get lost in the music and the crowd and somehow still find someway to connect with vibe surging through the thousands of pumping fists and bobbing heads.

But before Coachella rolls in, and if you’re in the Austin, Texas area around March 12-16th you’ll want to check out SXSW musical festival. The festival started as a showcase for emerging independent media, music talent and a progressive platform to discuss music industry trends and has grown into a bigger showcase for already established acts looking to find new life among the younger talent. The five day festival includes panel discussions on the media industry, topics range from ‘Is Myspace your friend? to ‘whether or not the book is dead or alive as a source of information.’ It all goes down in one of the country’s best cities for live music and every year rock critics and fans descend upon Austin to scope out the latest buzz band while discussing the state of the music industry. Last year Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Pete Townshend and Donovan played and were interviewed. This year country legend Dolly Parton is billed along with the Black Crowes.

I know it’s only January but come on…this is live music were talking about here! The festival season is taking shape….the clock’s ticking…where will you be soaking up your favorite live music this summer?

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