2008 Beijing Olympic Upset Pending, Hopeful

Here at Live Exhaust we don’t discriminate against time of event or genre of music. All forms of live musical performances whenever or wherever they take place will be discussed and dissected whether pleasing or harmful to your live listening experience. Which brings me to today’s post.

Thankfully, back in December, Canadian diva Celine Dion played her last show of her 4-year $100 million contracted Las Vegas residency. Even though the Vegas show ended, Dion’s musical career will go on. Yes, Celine has conquered North America and has already contributed the theme song for the Atlanta 1996 Olympics but on Wednesday Dion submitted a theme song for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony at Workers’ Stadium which is also the China stop in her current world tour.

The Olympic Games aren’t as fun to watch as they once were and if Dion is chosen, again, then I’ll have yet another reason to definitely bypass the 2008 opening ceremony and hit mute every time the theme song comes on.

So who is Dion competing against? Much to the disappointment of Olympic officals, only 30 applicants have submitted songs. But Dion is up against some very stiff competition. I’m putting my money on anybody that’s NOT Celine Dion. How about you?

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