Robots That Rock: The Creative Possibilities of Compressorhead

  Now, this post is probably one of the most mechanically interesting and robotically entertaining posts I’ve shared with you in quite awhile, and it’s also got me thinking about a few things.   The band is called Compressorhead and to be honest their live performance is a bit robotic. But that’s a good thing […]

Sci-Fi Gangsta Rap Gigs: I Want To See Tupac Perform In Space

        Yes, it’s amazing what our imaginations can dream up before technology can make it happen. I say this because when I let my imagination run wild during my Adventures of Johnny Rawkwriter experiment I wrote about the first concert in space where the venue would allow you to re-experience or venture […]

Are These Kids Superstitious About Live Music and Life?

  It’s Friday the 13th and we know all about the strange and superstitious fears of live music. But what about the development of our fears? I ask this because I’ve noticed that many fears and superstitions  we have when we’re younger no longer have the same power over us as they once did. And, […]

Why Do We Act Like This At Concerts?

    Got a fun video for ya. Besides being highly entertaining, I love this video because it takes us deeper into our Looky-Loo and other emotional experiments to explore one of our favorite live concert behavioral topics. Kudos to Brandi for sharing her story and getting us to think more about how we do, or don’t, […]