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Infographic: How Have Smartphones Changed The Festival Experience?

This is a very interesting infographic via the Hypebot about the historic evolution of the smartphone and its impact on the music experience since Woodstock. There’s some good data points in here. But what this infographic really reminds of is our chat with Alex from StagePage about mobile apps and how we need to foster […]

Does Your 3D Concert DVD Wish List Look Like This?

Like we did last week, it’s time once again to dream about concerts in 3D. But in this exploration, we’re going to dive a little deeper and wonder about “remastered” Blu-ray concert DVDs, and do some virtual time traveling as we dream about the ultimate 3D concert wish list.

What Are Woodstock’s Most Important and Surprising Artifacts?

Last year Woodstock celebrated its forty year anniversary. And this summer, The Museum at Bethel Woods is inviting all Woodstock attendees and 1960s enthusiasts to be part of preserving history for generations to come. Without a doubt, Woodstock is a major turning point and defining moment in the history of live music. But what do […]

Why Does Woodstock Matter To You?

       Watching a video like the one above always makes me wish there was a way to travel back in time to visit live music history’s most influential concerts. Part of me thinks that if I could just get a taste or feel of the atmosphere it would help add more context to the reviews I write. Why […]