What They Do Before The Show: Wilco, Mavis Staples, Nick Lowe Jam Backstage

I’ve always wondered what artists do backstage to warm up and get in the mood before a show. And my chats with Saul Williams, Ant of Atmosphere and Secret Machines all gave me a fantastic look in to the psychological, behavioral and emotional baselines of an artist before they perform. And because of those experiences […]

What Is The Future Of The Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Okay, I’ve had just about enough of this post-Super Bowl Halftime show letdown. And it seems like the halftime show gets safer and more predictable each year. It’s almost like the NFL and CBS suffer from some kind of leftover PTSD from Nipplegate. So what was missing and who should play next year? Will 3D […]

Best (and Worst) Concert Moments of 2009

Hold on there for a second all you eager concertgoers! I’m excited to get started on a new year of shows too, but before we head full steam in to 2010 let’s check a few things first. Let’s see what remains as tops in our hearts and minds after we spent so much time, money and energy going shows in 2009.  […]

Is Your Favorite Band A Great Live Band?

What do you think makes a band a great live band? Is it how well they play live? Is it how well they interact with the fans during the show? Is it how well they meet your expectations after the show? Well, after reviewing Wilco’s live show for Ink19 a few weeks back I wrote how they […]

Concert Review: Wilco at UIC Pavilion

Touring is not a sprint. It’s a long, tiring and exhausting marathon. But if you end up at home the payoff is worth it. Don’t believe me? Just ask Wilco. Starting off this last show of their North American Wilco (The Album) tour, front man Jeff Tweedy spoke for the entire band and confessed unashamedly […]

Live Preview: Wilco (The Concert)

It’s time for Wilco tonight.  It’s the second of two shows at UIC Pavilion in Chicago.  And seeing as I’ve passed out at a Wilco concert before and their 5 night residency at the Riveria during their last tour was fantastic, this will be the kind of show that I’ll bring with me all types of  memories and emotional touch points […]

Don’t Do This at Your Next Concert

  Live Fix Experiment Results: Miike Snow &  The Tapping-On-My-Notepad Lady These are no ordinary Live Fix Experiment results. What I’m going to share with you is both rare and crucial to every fan’s live music experience. It happened to me at the Miike Snow concert on Sept 25th.  It was something that has never happened to me […]

Remembering Wilco’s Jay Bennett

Getting back from the Indy 500 on Sunday, I was greeted by the unfortunate news that ex-Wilco member Jay Bennett had died. It goes without saying that this news was sad. And for me the connection and one of the reasons to mourn was linked to Bennett’s masterful production and contributions to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, one […]

Shaking Off The Dust of Wilco’s Ashes of American Flags

He’s so right. I completely agree with Ben Rubenstein as he reflects in his MixTape Confessions Popmatters column on a recent trip to see Wilco’s concert/tour film Ashes of American Flags at the Music Box in Chicago. Ben says that the crowd in the theatre was surprisingly subdued and that it made the screening of the […]

The Risk Artists Take When Performing Live

I wanted to share this article I came across last week. It’s written by Chicago Independent Music Review and it focuses on a crucial aspect of live performance I’ve always thought about during live shows. It piggybacks on a thought the writer had after reading an interview where Radiohead’s Tom Yorke reflected on a conversation […]